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Less is More

When it comes to conceptualising a page design for a magazine, many people think that filling the page with text is a sure-fire way of pulling the reader in and grabbing their attention. As designers, it’s our time to stand up and change that and champion the less is more approach.


Not sold on the idea that less is more? Check out Volkswagen...


VW’s approach to advertising is a key example of how that bit of white space can actually be extremely powerful in conveying the advertiser’s key messaging. The adverts below have been designed in such a way that they are simple and clean, with thought-provoking headlines to keep the ad fun, whimsical and interesting, while still reinforcing the real purpose of the advert…  TO SELL THE CARS.


The concept of less is more is not just exclusive to advertisements, it can be fostered across all kinds of designs, including branding. A logo needs to take centre stage if a brand is to be remembered. Let the logo speak for itself and let the words be the second thing the target audience looks for.


The below brands all use free space to their advantage. These brands have applied the less is more approach to their packaging and here the logo has been designed in such a way that it piques the audience’s interest and leaves them wanting more – that’s when the design can step aside and let the text fill in the necessaries. 


The thing to remember is that a simple design doesn’t make a boring one.

vw advertising
Vw advertising
white space advertising
3 years ago
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Vw Advertising
Less is More
Volkswagen shows how white space can be extremely powerful in advertising