Arturius International

Arturius International


To provide leading logistics company Arturius International with appropriate branding, overhauling their brand identity to clearly demonstrate their business model and make an impact in the corporate world. 


Our creative team analysed the company’s new strategy and market position to develop a new logo which appeals to clients in a range of markets, ensuring it conveyed a clear global capability.

That activity was reinforced by the development of consistent brand messaging that communicated the full breadth of an accomplished logistics service. 

We were instrumental in devising Arturius’ core values, and conducted the writing and design of new business pitches.


Such has been the impact of our rebranding work, in 2017 Arturius International enjoyed its most successful year to date. 

This led to further strategy shifts and a realignment of the company’s mid and long-term goals to include the launch of additional divisions.

As a consequence, we are about to embark on another round of website and brand development, in support of their entry into two new international markets.

Arturius International
Arturius International