Farmfoods Leaflets


Promotional Literature


To increase awareness and sales of the frozen food retailers through the creation of new promotional literature. To manage the distribution of monthly doordrop campaigns and maintain the company's existing brand guidelines  


We review the look and feel of Farmfoods' leaflets each month, with our creative team designing the promotional material for the brand. This includes developing new messaging during every cycle to ensure the communication of offers and pricing is clear and easy to understand for customers. 

A dedicated designer then press passes each print run to ensure a smooth production process, while we scrutinise distribution in order to find ways of making the process more efficient. 


Working with the frozen food specialist since 2008, we have helped their weekly sales increase from £7 million to almost £20 million in 2015. We have led six significant reorganisations of distribution, the first of which delivered an immediate £80,000 saving. 

11 million leaflets are now sent out to geo-demographically targeted UK households every month.

Farmfoods Leaflets Infographic
Farmfoods Leaflets Infographic