Farmfoods Madison Avenue

Farmfoods Madison Avenue


To create strong and unique brand identities for two of Farmfoods' new product ranges. Designing new logos and packaging for the products in order to make an impact on the shelves and boost sales. 


We created the Madison Av brand, which features American food classics, and our designers used a bold red, white and blue colour scheme, putting their own spin on the USA's stars for the logo.

In contrast, the feel of the Barrington’s range was developed to reflect homespun, traditional British fayre. Subtle referencing of the Union Jack, hedgerows and rolling countryside were used throughout the packaging. Framing Barrington himself as a top-hatted, monocle gent, reinforces the nostalgia the brand creates.


Both the Madison Av and Barrington’s lines have been extremely well received, becoming firm favourites with Farmfoods’ customers. The range regularly features among the company’s top-selling products.

Farmfoods Madison Avenue